About us

Since its inception, WLB Ltd has been offering a wide variety of specialized solutions for the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Infrastructures & Transportation, Energy, Utilities & Industry, Healthcare, Government organizations as well as many other organizations in the public and private sectors. The company creates, delivers and supports products, solutions and services in the areas of: Embedded Software Programming, PC Software Development, Automation Services & Integration, Computerized Engineering Services & Web Based Applications.

WLB’s primary objectives are always focused on meeting the demanding requirements of the company’s customers. WLB can be the partner of choice for all types of organizations in Europe.

WLB Ltd was established in 2007, in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company’s activities were originally oriented towards the field of Information Technology, and more specifically towards the area of software programming. Very soon and having evaluated on a timely and effective manner the European Market signs, company expands its activities to a portfolio of advanced engineering solutions and automation. New methods for engineering more innovative products and manufacturing processes while minimizing costs and time to market is ever since our mission.

Working together with our clients throughout Europe, we participate in development projects at all levels from the supply of individual customer-specified engineering software modules through to the delivery of complete proven production-ready designs as well as turnkey systems and machines.

The international marketplace is constantly being monitored, allowing us to provide innovative, efficient, reliable and time-lasting solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs.
Today more than ever, the company continues to innovate, to evolve and to develop at high rate. Everything that takes place flows according to the same principle and the same philosophy:

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